About MERC


merc2The year 1971 was the beginning of a new scientific movement in science of materials and renewable energies when Institute of Materials and Energy (MERC) started its research activities in the fields of Materials Engineering, Renewable Energies, Semiconductor Technologies and Environmental Issues. This positive approach has been continued and strengthened until now, so that in recent years, Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the leading and most important countries in new technologies in the region, as well as a distinguished developing country in the world.

Establishing an effective link between research and production, extending the interaction between researchers inside and outside the country for transferring the needed technology and supporting the initiatives are some of the objectives of MERC. Therefore, MERC has developed extensive collaborations with National and International Universities and Industrial Research Institutes in recent years.
Education in MERC

MERC with 80 faculty members keeps training specialists through holding workshops and special courses following the motivation to achieve the development in scientific, educational and research activities.
The first PhD program was established in 1991 in Materials Engineering as a joint program with Chinese Shanghai University. Later in 1994, MERC has established its own independent PhD program. The first course in MSc level in the field of Materials Engineering was held in 1993 in MERC. At present, 246 students are enrolled in the fields of Renewable Energies, Nanotechnology, Thin Film Physics, Ceramics, and Materials Engineering. In 2015, MERC started its collaboration with “The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE)” for training international students in short-term programs.

MERC Laboratories

MERC laboratories with wide space, advanced equipment and expertise and trained personnel have a great potential for reception of many researchers and students for implementing independent and/or joint research projects as well as education of students.  This caused formation of a close and continuous interaction between researchers, faculty members and students on one hand, and universities, scientific centers and important industrial agencies on the other hand. This close cooperation led to execution of many important pure and applied research projects which has effectively turned MERC into one of the countries pivotal research institutes.

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