Message of President

In the name of GOD

Development of new and advanced materials is considered the key role for enhancement of quality of human life. In fact, the emergence of most of new technologies relies on the materials used or the materials put them in reality. In parallel, our daily life as well as all industries is completely dependent on various kinds of energy. Apart from fossil energy, which is considered as pollutant form of energy, attempts of developed and developing countries are focused on bringing renewable energies into economical scenes.
Iran National Institute of Materials and Energy is active in both of the above mentioned important fields. Our vision is to participate in the promotion and improvement of living conditions of our people and all human kinds by developing advanced materials and also usage of renewable energies. We believe that unless the taste of technology does not please the people, no one could be satisfied and convinced from his or her academic and research activities. 
Thanks to the professional academic staff and young and talented students, our institute has already developed some patented know-how which is currently being applied in the society. We are keen to share our experience with the other countries in mutual win-win cooperation. This cooperation may cover running of joint projects, educating of both-sides students, sabbatical leave of professors and other academic staff and so on.
Our institute is proud of being first in the country in the fields of advance metallic, ceramic and composite materials, semiconducting materials and renewable energies, in particular solar energy. We are amongst top ranking of regional research institutes in the fields of surface engineering, biomaterials and nanomaterials.

Dr. Alireza Khavandi
Iran National Institute of Materials and Energy

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