IJEInternational Journal of Engineering (IJE) is published in three quarterly transactions. Transactions A (Basics) deal with the engineering fundamentals. Transactions B (Applications) are concerned with the application of engineering knowledge in the daily life of the human being and Transactions C (Aspects) - starting from January 2012 - emphasize on the main engineering aspects whose elaboration can yield knowledge and expertise that can equally serve all branches of engineering discipline.
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JREEAn international journal devoted to science and technology of renewable energies and environmental related issues including: generation, storage, conversion, distribution, management (economics, policies and planning) and environmental sustainability.


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ACERPJournal of Advanced Ceramics Progress (ACERP) as an ISC international journal is devoted to elucidating the fundamental aspects of chemistry and physics occurring at a wide range of oxide and nonoxide ceramics and composite materials and their processing, microstructure, properties, and applications. The journal provides a unique venue for publishing new exciting research, focusing on dynamic growth areas in this field.

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