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MERC has established close cooperation with the universities and research institutes, organizations, authorities at international level. The cooperation is mostly in the framework of “Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)” containing the topics exchanging students and professors, joint research projects, participation in the events held by each party, technical visit, and holding training courses.

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The objectives of International Affairs are as follows;

  • Expanding international academic cooperation in the fields of education and research
  • Holding international conferences, workshops, seminars and scientific meetings
  • Providing necessary facilities for international students to carry out their research in MERC
  • Providing necessary facilities for elected representatives of the university to participate in international scientific meetings and communities
  • Identifying Islamic institutes and individuals inside and outside of the country
  • Identifying non-resident Iranian scientist, professors, and graduated students from top-universities in the world.
  • Hosting guests from international universities and sending professional representatives to visit and negotiate with international universities and industries in order to establish scientific and technical cooperation
  • Preparation and signing academic, research, and cultural agreements with international universities, research centers, local, and foreign academic associations
  • To register MERC and following its membership in international organizations and academic associations
  • Announcing international professional seminars and conferences, workshops, scholarships, and intensive or extensive training courses held in foreign universities and institutes

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Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, International Affairs

Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Center for International Scientific Studies and Collaboration

OIC Standing Committee on Scientific & Technological Cooperation

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