Research Department of Energy

This department carries out research mainly in connection with non-traditional sources of energy, air and water pollutants. Recently, it works on alternatives for fossil fuels including solar and wind energy. The division of Solar Energy conducts research on different methods of using solar energy for heating, cooling, electrical and chemical applications. The other division of this department is engaged in optimization of various methods of storage and conversion of energy and related technologies. The division of Energy and Environment is involved in the investigation of air and water pollution resulting from traffic, industrial activities and urban wastes. Furthermore, utilization of wastes as a source of energy is also being studied. This research department is capable of qualitative and quantitative evaluation of various types of pollutants.

Direct Contact to Chancellor of the Department
- Dr. Azarmodokht Hosseinnia (Assistant Professor)
- Dr. Amir Zamzamian (Assistant Professor)
- Dr. Elham Abdolah-zadeh (Assistant Professor)
- Dr. Farhad Barati (Assistant Professor)
- Dr. Farideh Ghavi-panje (Assistant Professor)
- Dr. Farah-Sadat Halek (Assistant Professor)
- Dr. Hossein Ghadamian (Assistant Professor)
- Eng. Hamidreza Haghgoo (Lecturer)
- Dr. Mehrdad Adl (Assistant Professor)
- Dr. Mohammad Amini (Assistant Professor)
- Dr. Majid Jamil (Assistant Professor)
- Dr. Mahmoud Kazemzad-asiyabi (Assistant Professor)
- Dr. Mohammed Pazooki (Associate Professor)
- Dr. Nooshin Salman-tabrizi (Assistant Professor)

· Energy conversion and Storage Lab.

· Solar Energy Lab.

· Energy and Environment Lab.

· Biodiesel Lab.

· Environmental Biotechnology Lab.

· Chromatography Lab.

· Environmental Catalysts and Adsorbents Lab.

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