Research Department of Semiconductor

Activities of this department include growth of various crystals, research on metallic and semiconducting materials, and characterization of materials and devices mainly by instrumental and analytical techniques. The division of Crystal Growth is engaged in the growth of single crystals, and has so far succeeded in growing single crystals of different semiconductors. The division of Semiconductor Device Fabrication carries out research on semiconducting materials and related devices. Notable examples are silicon solar cells, different photodetectors, and solid-state gas sensors.

Direct Contact to Chancellor of the Department

- Dr. Amir Ali Yozbashi (Associate Professor) Chancellor of the Department
- Dr. Ali Aghakhani (Assistant Professor)
- Dr. Abouzar Masoudi (Assistant Professor)
- Dr. Ali Tayyebi Fard (Assistant Professor)
- Dr. Asghar Kazemzadeh (Associate Professor)
- Dr. Fereidon Alikhanihesari (Assistant Professor)
- Dr. Fatemeh Taati-Asil (Assistant Professor)
- Dr. Ghasem Kavei (Professor)
- Dr. Hajji Shirinzadeh (Assistant Professor)
- Dr. Kamran Ahmad (Assistant Professor)
- Dr. Mohammad Ali Bahrevar (Associate Professor)
- Dr. Mohammad Javad Eshraghi (Assistant Professor)
- Dr. Morteza Moradi Alborzi (Assistant Professor)
- Dr. Nima Naderi (Assistant Professor)
- Eng. Mohammad Hassan Sarrafi (Lecturer)
- Dr. Rahim Yazdanirad (Associate Professor)

- Soraya Borna Zonouzi
- Nooshin Jafari
- Nady Shojaee
- Sahar Tayeb Taher
- Samaneh Ghofranipour
- Rohollah Kashanki
- Siamak Nouraei
- Bita Jamali Nik

- Mohamdreza Hassanzadeh
- Taher Dinmohammadpour
- Abdolreza Soleimani Samen

-Mehri Akhavan Foumani

Research Groups:


· Crystal Growth Lab

· Device Fabrication Lab.

· Synthesis & Metallography Lab.

· Materials Characterization Lab.

Equipments of Crystal Growth Group:

· Single Crystal Growth Device (HAMCO)

· Single Crystal Growth Device (Bridgman Furnace)

· Single Crystal Growth Device (Vernoil Furnace)

· Atmosphere Control Furnaces ( up to 1500 oC)

· Combustion Synthesis Reactor

· High Energy Ball Mill (Retsch, Spex)

· Metallography Devices

· Optical Microscope (Olympus BX61)


Equipments of Device Fabrication Group:

· Magnetron Spattering

· Four Point Probe Measurement

· Spin Coater

· Profilometer

· Mask Aligner

· C-V Measurement

· High Vacuum Furnace (10-5 torr)

Equipments of Materials Characterization Group:

·Electron Beam Evaporator

·Hall Effect Measurement (HMS)

· Resistance Evaporation System Atomic Force Probe Microscope AutoProbe CP

·Transmission Electron Microscope

· X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Spectrometer

· Scanning Electron Microscope

· X-ray Diffractometer

· Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer

· Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

· Micro hardness testers

· Macro hardness testers

· XRD (Unisantist 0-120Degree)


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